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  • How can I post an ad for my car?

    You can easily post an ad if you are selling your car, from the page "Sell Your Car". Make sure you have selected the proper make and model (and version if needed) of your car with the correct details (year, engine capacity, horsepower, features etc). The filters-details with * are required to be selected or filled in. You should know that potential buyers tend to check more often classified ads with a good description and skip other.

  • How can I search for an ad?

    Browse to the page "Search cars", on the left side you will find some default filters, there are some other, but first you have to select a make (and model if you want) then press "search" and the other filters will show up (number of doors, euro standard, drive type etc) which now you can choose from.

  • How can I report a misleading ad?

    If you come across an ad which you believe has incorrect information, you can select "Report" at the bottom of the ad's page and we will review it immediately.

  • How do I save classifieds?

    You can save an ad by clicking "Add to Favourites" and view it later on your Profile from the tab "Fav Ads".

  • How can I modify or delete my ad?

    Under the profile picture, click "Dashboard" or select "Browse" then "Profile", from there press "My ads" and choose either to "Edit" or "Delete" your ad.

  • How much does it cost to post an ad in

    Our website DOESN'T charge any money for individuals who want to sell their cars. For dealers it is also FREE. However, if it comes to a need of improvement in which we will provide more services for DEALERS ONLY, there might be a charge if they of course choose to use the new services. The current services will always be free and the account will remain always active.

  • How can I save one address for all my ads?

    If you do not want to enter the address over and over every time you create and post an ad, you can easily save a default address from your "Profile" page by clicking "Edit Profile". Enter your address and make sure to click "Update my info" to save your changes.

  • How many ads can I post?

    All new users (individuals) can post up to 7 ads. For dealers there is no limit and they can post unlimited ads, the account will always remain active without any cost of renewal or subscription. If you are a dealer please contact us so we can enable this feature on your account.

  • How can I "bump up" my ad?

    If you are logged in, from your "Profile" page, select first "My ads" then choose to "Edit this ad" and at the bottom of the page check the box "Bump it up on the top of the list!" and save by clicking "Post my ad".

  • How many "bump up" ads will I get?

    New users (individuals) will receive 120 bump up ads upon registration. Again, for dealers there is no limit and they have unlimited bump up ads to use. If you are a dealer please contact us so we can enable this feature on your account.

  • Can I upload pictures of my car when posting an ad?

    Yes, you can upload up to 35 pictures (in jpg, png and jpeg format) when creating an ad.

  • I can't find my ad in the search page, why it isn't published yet?

    To avoid spam and ads with incorrect information, we shall manually review some of the ads before they are published. This procedure is not for all ads, normally they will be published within a few seconds. If for any reason your ad is still pending for more than 24 hours please contact us via email

  • How does the option "Message Seller" works?

    If you have an account in our website you can message the seller of the car you are interested to buy. Please use an appropriate language otherwise your account will be suspended. You can check your sent or received messages/offers by browsing to your profile and then selecting "Messages".

  • What will I find in post's or review page?

    This website is dedicated to cars, therefore we are trying to bring you news/dyi/useful information about cars and many more stuff. We have also created a unique page "Reviews" in which you will find the specs and details of new cars. We will also publish reviews of older cars.

  1. Make sure you post in the correct category (make, model etc).
  2. Do not upload pictures with watermarks.
  3. Do not post the same ad more than once.
  4. Do not put your email or phone numbers in the title or description.
  5. If you are a private seller, make sure to enter only your region as an address and not your full address.